To order flowers call


Q: Where do you deliver?
A: Brooklyn and Manhattan

Q: How much is delivery?
A: Deliveries start at $25

Q: Do you do corporate events?
A: Yes, we love doing corporate events and are especially good at creating arrangements that will match your brand.

Q: Do you do make flower arrangements for weddings?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Do you do sell individual flower arrangements?
A: Most often not. Our focus is floral design for events. That is why we typically have minimums for smaller arrangements.

Q: Do you use oasis?
A: No, oasis is harmful for the environment since it has a lot of chemicals. We use other solutions that we believe actually work better.

Q: Where do you get your containers from?
A: Some are "leftovers" bought from a previous event e.g a wedding, some are made from recycled glass. We also buy a lot of our vases at antique stores and flea markets. And we love Etsy. Others we make out of salvaged materials such as palettes we have found in the street.





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